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Getting a flat tummy isn't just for the young people in society, everyone can achieve a flat tummy by following simple steps and making them a habit! Think about it, you wont have to suck it in to fit into those cute fitted white jeans, its less-painful and longer-lasting! I'll be listing some surprising foods, tips and tricks that even the pros use. Say goodbye to love-handles and hello skinny jeans!

Eat at the right time!

Always have a bite or a light snack between 3 pm and 4 pm. Go for a protein bar, a small piece of low-fat cheese, blueberries, apples or some almonds or assorted nuts. No matter what happens, do NOT miss that snack! It will help boost your body's metabolism and balances your blood sugar levels.

The lower you keep your blood sugar it will keep your insulin levels lower which will help your body not store fat around your waistline.

Eating every three to four hours will keep your blood sugar levels even but many people tend to go five or six just because of their busy work schedules.

Chew your food!

I know, you're feeling bloated after you eat a meal. Here is one sure fire way to prevent bloating! Chew your food girl! Chew it till it becomes like applesauce in your mouth. Think about it,digestion begins in the mouth, and without proper chewing, food will not be digested properly. Chewing your food means less gas and bloating.

Check your salts.

Now if you're doing all of the above, and still wondering why you are still bloated after eating a meal, it would most likely be because you're consuming too much salt. Simply put, your diet is TOO salty. Opt for a less-salty variation or use natural sea salt or kosher salt, which is lower in sodium teaspoon for teaspoon than traditional table salts.

Stay away from soy sauce: even low-sodium soy sauce still has a high sodium content and it will cause instant bloating. If you are someone who needs a little flavor in your meals, use fresh tomato salsa or a hint of cayenne pepper which has an added benefit of boosting your body's metabolism!

Cardio is your friend, not an enemy

If you're like me and HATE cardio, trick your mind into doing cardio by going for a boxing class, a short walk, take the stairs instead of using a lift. An added benefit of doing cardio is it amps up your body's metabolism and burns calories fast!

For example, when you throw punches with weights or at a fast-pace, you're working your core in a way that helps to flatten your midsection. Engage your core to throw a punch instead of only using your arms. Twisting your torso works all the muscles in your abs!

Do cardio for about 30-45 minutes a day to see results. You should incorporate regular exercise in your weekly schedule. You don't have to be a bodybuilder to get lean, you just have to maintain a healthy diet and have sufficient sleep.

Before I sign off and let you get back to your schedule, find someone who you can challenge, a friend, a co-worker or maybe even a sibling. Its always more fun to do things together than to do them alone!

Its been fun, catch you next time!

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